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About Us

Everything you need to know about us.

Crammaze is a provider of professional software design and development. We bring over a team of experienced professionals to bring your ideas to life. Crammaze ensures to makethe development process to be smooth and streamlined for our clients.

Our team of experienced engineers will be able to Create solutions based on your needs and Amaze you with the results

Our Services

We are Crammaze.

Provider of Professional Software Design & Development

Responsive Designs

Powerful Design with Responsive functionality that can be adapted to any screen size.


Tools are Updated Over Time by Newer Standards & Software.

Powerful Performance

Optimized code that delivers unmatched fast performance.

Redundancy & Scalability

All our solutions are properly vetted for different scenarios. We ensure fail safes are in place for the solution.

Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.

Endless Possibilities

Complete control on each & every element that provides endless customization possibilities.

Crammaze: You want it we build it!

Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind. Crammaze aims to Create and Amaze.

Our team of experienced engineers will be able to Create solutions based on your needs and Amaze you with the results.

Our Team

Meet the people that make it possible

Hina E

Sales Director & Project Manager

Hina is an expert in aligning business goals with creative strategy and expression. She is responsible for design and marketing engagements. Hina has years worth of experience Managing projects and meeting deadlines. Known for her charming personality and communication Skills. Committed to elegant solutions and powerfully simple communications, she will ensure all business with Crammaze meets our standards.

Ahmed B

Software Architect

Ahmed is the brain behind the madness. There is no problem too big for him to solve. Complex and performance intensive issues become easy at Crammaze thanks to his expertise. He brings in over 10 Years of industry experience with him to tackle any issue.

Muzz B

Application Development Manager

Muzz is committed to simplicity and passionate about crafting clear, engaging, effective Solutions. His dedication to design, excellence, meaningful ideas is accompanied by expert knowledge design and delivery. He will make sure that all solutions are created using the latest Technologies keeping the clients needs in mind.

Faraaz M

Creative Director

Faraaz is a highly creative designer whose has a eye for design. He makes sure all solutions provided by Crammaze have the extra design touch, that makes them special. Faraaz brings in his Paper and Electronic art creation skills to the business. He is the one to make sure that the "Amaze" factor is never missing from Crammaze

Crammaze Team

Crammaze team is a group of dedicated engineers with varying level of experience in the industry. Culture at Crammaze has always been to promote independent ideas. Any thing built at Crammaze will have the personal touch of one of our engineers.

Why choose Us

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Our Mission

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What you get

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